Importance Of Indo Feed

Cattle Feed is the finest quality mix of fresh and clean ingredients that can be used to feed cow and buffalo. If you have a farm with cattle and/or buffalo, it is important for you to provide them with the best food that will keep them healthy and strong.

With cattle feed, you can ensure that your cows and buffalo are eating the right thing to stay healthy. This food includes the various proteins, carbohydrates, minerals & vitamins needed for them to keep up their milk production.


  • It contains proteins, mineral, vitamin, carbohydrates and fat are kept in a balanced form according to the size of the animal.
  • The digestive power of animal is increased.
  • There is no deficiency of calcium and phosphorus and the chances of diseases like milk fever, prolapsed, etc are reduced.
Nurta Max

Nutra Max

  • It is highly energy balanced animal diet.
  • It is suitable for animal with more than 10 ltr of milk.
  • This is a complete ration for milch animals, apart from this there is no need to give other rations like khali, bran, churi, Calcium, mineral, etc to the animals.
  • Indo Feed Balanced Animal Food is prepared according to the breeds of hybrid animals found in India.

Nutra More

  • It is suitable for animals with less than 10lts of milk.
  • Nutra More is a balanced animal diet used in India in large quantities.
  • This diet increase immunity and digestive power in animals.
  • Carbohydrates minerals are available in more quantity than other diets available in the market.
  • This is delicious balance diet for animals.
Nurta More
Nutra Gain

Nutra Gain

  • It is suitable for animals with less than 5lts of milk.
  • It contains 18% protein and 2% fat.
  • It is a basic product.
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